MCU Fans Already Obsessing Over Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk


Anybody that’s seen Orphan Black knows Tatiana Maslany is both a phenomenal actress and a huge get for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actress played half a dozen main roles on the cult favorite sci-fi series, giving each one a distinct personality to have them stand out as unique, and often ended up sharing the screen with nobody other than herself.

It was a mind-blower of a performance, arguably one of the best television has had to offer in the last decade, which stands She-Hulk in very good stead. Yesterday’s Disney Plus Day event brought the first footage from the series, and while fans would have preferred a full-length trailer as opposed to a sizzle reel, that evidently hasn’t stopped them from instantly falling in love with Maslany’s Jennifer Walters.

It’s going to become increasingly difficult for each new MCU show to break out from the pack when there’s just so many of them in development, and if the 2021 model is any indication, we could be getting at least five episodic streaming exclusives per year, more than a couple of which will be designed with multi-season arcs in mind.

Based on what we saw yesterday, we can already safely assume that She-Hulk is setting out a stall to continue for a while, especially when early casting calls teased eventual Avengers membership for the title heroine.