The Internet Is Loving The Falcon And The Winter Soldier So Far

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Two weeks after WandaVision concluded, Marvel’s latest TV series kicked off on Disney Plus today. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier picks up another thread from Avengers: Endgame – Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson dealing with the aftermath of being chosen as Steve Rogers’ successor to the mantle of Captain America – and just as you’d expect, social media is bubbling over with all kinds of reactions to the season opener, with everyone agreeing that it’s a strong premiere.

The episode dives deeper into the personal lives of both Sam and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), though it surprisingly keeps them apart for the duration of this first hour. We’re also introduced to an insurrectionist group known as the Flag Smashers who want to break down borders between nations, and – in the final scene – John Walker (Wyatt Russell) makes his debut as the “new” Cap.

All in all, it’s a “great opening” that shows a lot of promise.

It’s a real treat for fans of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, too.

And it delivers yet another banger of a Marvel theme tune.

Captain America trilogy fans, this one is for you.

Let the wild theories commence!

The only downside… No Jimmy Woo. We miss Jimmy Woo.

Sorry Bucky, it’s Sam Wilson’s world. He is the rightful next Captain America, after all.

P.S. we’re never getting this mental image out of our heads now.

And here are a few more reactions, just for good measure:

Much like each Marvel movie is always tonally separate from the one that came before it, that’s set to be true of the studio’s TV shows, too, as this latest one couldn’t be more different from what we just saw. For one, WandaVision was much more episodic and self-contained whereas The Falcon and the Winter Soldier promises to be more like an extended MCU film split into weekly chapters. And with the opening hour now out there, you can look forward to five more 50-minute episodes to come over the next few weeks on Disney Plus.