MCU Disney Plus Shows Are Reportedly Kevin Feige’s Priority Right Now


Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are enduring a drought the likes of which they’ve never experienced before, with over eighteen months passing between Spider-Man: Far From Home swinging into theaters last July and WandaVision‘s premiere on Disney Plus in the second week of January. Phase Four has already been reshuffled more than once, but one potential benefit is that Kevin Feige and his team have had some extra time to fine-tune the in-development lineup of movies and TV shows.

Disney have confirmed that exclusive streaming content is set to become their main priority, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the MCU and Star Wars are being positioned at the forefront of the expansion given their respective statuses as the Mouse House’s two crown jewels, not to mention a reputation as two of the most beloved and popular brands on the planet.

There are up to nine small screen exclusives set in a galaxy far, far away in the works for Disney Plus at the moment, and the same number of shows taking place in the MCU on the docket as well. In fact, in a new report, an insider with knowledge of the Marvel process confirmed that the studio’s move into episodic television is set to be the focus for the time being.

“The series are the priority. Ramping them up takes a lot of focus. The movie machinery is well established.”

Of course, Feige and co. are more than competent and capable when it comes to theatrical projects having pioneered the shared universe model and established the MCU as the most lucrative game in town a long time ago, but the move into TV presents an altogether different challenge, especially with so many wildly different shows in the works, from WandaVision‘s impending debut to Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury series via the animated What If…? and the time traveling Loki.