Moon Knight Show Being Compared To Westworld And Mr. Robot


Disney Plus is set to launch in the near future and the excitement for the streamer is extremely high. The service is setting itself up as both a legitimate threat and a viable alternative to the reigning streaming champ, Netflix. Disney plans to cash in on its plethora of existing IPs and create a ton of new series that won’t be available anywhere else. And one of the most interesting projects the company announced was Marvel’s Moon Knight.

Since being revealed at the D23 expo this past summer, little has been said about what to expect from the show. Moon Knight is a character that comic book fans have long been pining for, though. In fact, many see him as Marvel’s version of Batman, as the hero is morally ambiguous at times and his stories have a more personal, psychological bent to them.

Recently though, there’ve been a number of rumors popping up, such as actors like Shia LeBoeuf and Garrett Hedlund being eyed for the titular role. However, one of the most notable claims has it that the series will heavily focus on the established mental health issues of Marc Spector, the man behind the vigilante alias.

And, in order to accomplish this feat, the production will feature action taking place at different times in the character’s life, specifically 2003 and 2023. The model it’s being compared to is that of Westworld and Mr. Robot, where audiences aren’t quite sure what’s happening or when, for that matter, and the storylines seem to intertwine with one another.

This is a very interesting idea and would certainly be in line with what folks are expecting from a live action iteration. But for now, this is pure speculation and the reality might be something more akin to Arrow, which made keen use of flashbacks to both elaborate on the backstory of the main character and to provide context and justification for the proceedings. This could also be a very useful and relevant device for the series.

Either way, things are looking good for the prospective Moon Knight show and it’s clear that the creative team are exploring all of their options to provide the best possible interpretation.