Main Villain For Moon Knight TV Show’s Reportedly Been Revealed


The announcement that Marvel Studios were developingMoon Knight series for Disney Plus came as a pleasant surprise. Moon Knight has long been a cult favorite in the comics, yet most assumed that he flew too under the radar for the MCU to consider bringing him into live-action. But it seems that he’s one of Kevin Feige’s top heroes and as such, the world is about to be introduced to the dark and supernatural powers of Marc Spector, aka the Moon Knight.

Right now, information is thin on the ground as to what exactly this series will consist of and who will play Spector, but we may now know which villain he’ll be facing off against. Multiple sources are reporting that Stained Glass Scarlet aka Scarlet Fasinera will be the primary antagonist. And I say antagonist hesitantly, because though the character’s had multiple clashes with the Knight in the comics, she’s really an antihero with a tragic backstory.

On the page, Stained Glass Scarlet is a former nun turned vigilante from an abusive background. Her life took a turn for the worse when she married a low-level gangster, hoping she could redeem him from a life of crime. The pair had a rocky relationship, but it resulted in a son named Joseph.

Following this, her husband was gunned down in a mob hit and her son grew up to become a ruthless gangster and Scarlet was forced to kill him. She then vowed to murder all the criminals who led her son down the path of evil. She’s also a lethal shot with a crossbow and has a trio of sexy nuns as henchmen.

Pretty crazy, eh? In the right hands, a story like this would work wonders on the small screen. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch the adventures of a seriously pissed off former nun with a crossbow wreaking havoc on unsuspecting gangsters? Heck, why not ditch Moon Knight altogether and just give us the Stained Glass Scarlet show?