Two And A Half Men Details Beginning To Emerge

What will the new Two and a Half Men look like? That question has lingered since Charlie Sheen‘s firing in March through the May hiring of Ashton Kutcher as the series new star. Now, Deadline is revealing what few details have escaped the production offices of producer Chuck Lorre.

From what Deadline has gleaned from the few sources who have been willing to talk, is that Lorre and company will indeed be killing off Charlie Sheen‘s Charlie Harper, ending any and all possibility of Sheen’s return. From there, the Malibu beach home belonging to Sheen’s Charlie Harper, where he lived with his brother Alan, played by Jon Cryer and Alan’s son Jake, played by Angus T. Jones, will go on the market.

The real estate will be a hot property that will lead to a star studded parade of potential buyers during the show’s fall return. Ashton Kutcher‘s character is expected to be the high bidder on the home though whether he will be a big star, maybe playing a fictional version himself, or not is unclear. Also unclear is why this stranger would allow Alan and Jake to stay in his house.

As part of Charlie Harper’s likely death, it is expected that many of the women he paraded through his Malibu beach house for the past 8 seasons will be dropping by to say goodbye. Whether that group will include past Two and a Half Men guest stars like Jenny McCarthy, Courtney Thorne Smith, Jeri Ryan or Charlie Sheen‘s real life ex-wife Denise Richards is unknown at this point.

We do know that Denise Richards is expected to be on TV September 19th, 2011, the night of the premiere of the new Two and a Half Men. Richards is among the roster of stars expected to roast her ex-hubby Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central. The cable net announced recently that their Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen will air Monday, September 19th, 2011 opposite the premiere of Two and a Half Men.