Millie Bobby Brown Rumored To Be Getting Stranger Things Spinoff


As much as Netflix would no doubt love to keep it running for as long as possible given its status as a bona fide cultural phenomenon and the crown jewel of the platform’s original episodic lineup, Stranger Things feels as though it’ll be drawing to a close sooner rather than later, with the fifth season regularly rumored to be the last.

A great deal of the show’s appeal comes from the interactions between the younger cast members, and they’re all going to age out of their respective roles eventually, even though the industry admittedly has no problem with people in their 20s or 30s attempting to pass themselves off as teenagers.

Several of the young stars have already branched out, of course, but Millie Bobby Brown has found the most success by far, something that felt inevitable from the moment she first showed up as Eleven. The 17 year-old produced and starred in Enola Holmes, which went on to become one of Netflix’s most-watched original movies ever, while she’s got several more projects lined up at the company as well, including fantasy epic Damsel and con artist thriller The Girls I’ve Been.

However, a new rumor claims that when the actress renegotiated her contract with Netflix, one of the conditions was that she’d get a Stranger Things spinoff of her own. This is far from the first time we’ve heard something similar, and while it would definitely generate plenty of buzz, the idea of a series focusing on Eleven and others with similar abilities was already teased in season 2’s seventh episode “The Lost Sister,” which felt like a backdoor pilot and is also regarded by many fans as the single worst outing of the show.