‘Mindhunter’ star compares the show to peak-era Chicago Bulls


One of Netflix’s best-ever original shows also happens to be one that ended far too soon, even if David Fincher’s Mindhunter hasn’t been officially canceled as of yet.

The intense, atmospheric psychological crime thriller spearheaded by one of the most talented filmmakers in the business focused on a groundbreaking team of FBI profilers, who question some of the country’s most notorious serial killers in an effort to dive into their psyches and find out what makes them tick.

Netflix announced in January 2020 that Mindhunter was on an indefinite hiatus, although Fincher has teased more than once in the interim that it could return for a third run of episodes. Now that he’s under an exclusive development deal with the streamer, though, it definitely can’t be ruled out.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the show, star Jonathan Groff offered up an interesting comparison to one of the NBA’s all-time great basketball dynasties.

“To me, Mindhunter is Fincher. The whole experience for me was the honor and privilege of getting to work with him. So I’m not a sports person really at all, but it’s like the [1997-1998] Chicago Bulls. Do you go for another season with the team? Or do you just do what the general manager says? But if the general manager believes that it should stop, you have to go with the general manager. And this is how I feel with David. The minute he says he wants to do another one, I’ll be there in a second. But I trust his vision and his instincts, and so I leave it always in his hands, as ever.”


Groff can currently be seen in The Matrix Resurrections, where he’s having a blast as the mysterious boss of Keanu Reeves’ John Anderson. Clearly, the actor would be thrilled were Mindhunter to be resurrected for another batch of procedural adventures, a sentiment that’s shared by a huge number of Netflix subscribers.