Minority Report TV Series Sequel To Debut On Fox With Female Lead

Minority Report

The Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg sci-fi action flick, Minority Report,  will be getting a follow-up (twelve years after its release). Fox has jumped aboard the movie-to-TV bandwagon and signed on to develop the futuristic premise into a fully-fledged TV series. That’s not all though, kiddies. THR reports that the show will be driven by a female lead.

So, how exactly will the show be incorporated into the Minority Report universe? If you recall, the end of the film witnessed the end of PreCrime – the precognitive system for detecting all crimes before they occur.  With the main narrative catalyst retired, it certainly leaves a lot of questions open as to how the show intends to continue. According to THR, the closed-book ending to the 2002 flick doesn’t mean the story’s over:

The Minority Report follow-up takes place 10 years after the end of Precrime in D.C. when one of the three Precogs struggles to lead a “normal” human life but remains haunted by visions of the future. He meets a detective haunted by her past who just may help him find a purpose to his gift.

It has got the whiff of a procedural crime drama, a genre which TV is absolutely inundated with at the moment, but the sci-fi angle offers the show the chance to outperform your typical weekly baddie-of-the-week templates. Going on the brief synopsis alone, it also shares a couple of similarities to JJ Abrams’ Fringe: a sci-fi serial with a female lead. Consider this writer excited.

Screenwriter Max Borenstein, coming off the back of the hugely successful Godzilla reboot, has signed on to script the show. Fox will co-produce the new venture alongside Spielberg’s Amblin Television and Paramount Television. The ‘put pilot’ stipulation indicates that even after the pilot is shot it must be aired otherwise the network faces a stiff fine. Which means this won’t be one of those anticipated shows that never sees the light of day – hurrah!