Modern-Day Robin Hood TV Series Handed Put Pilot Commitment At CBS, Justin Lin Attached


Sherwood Forest may be serene and peaceful for now, but Robin Hood‘s idyllic home is about to become a bustling hive of activity.

Whether it is Lionsgate’s starry Robin Hood: Origins or Nottingham & Hood, the swashbuckling family-friendly adventure simmering over at Disney – Sony has even staked a claim for an Avengers-styled shared universe – the English legend is certainly in vogue, and TheWrap brings word of an all-new TV project based on the hero in tights famed for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

It’s called A Burglar’s Guide To The City, a modern-day take on the story of Robin Hood that follows a team of unruly tricksters led by a “brilliant architect with a troubled past, who together use their unique skills to gain access to any stronghold in order to steal from rich criminals and give to those that have been wronged by a corrupt system.” It’s certainly…different. Evoking memories of CBS’ treatment of Sherlock Holmes with elementary, TheWrap notes that the network has handed out a put pilot commitment, with Justin Lin and Alex Kurtzman on board as co-producers. Geoff Manaugh’s novel is considered the jumping-off point.

Robin Hood and his crew of Merry Men may be headed to television via CBS – similar to how the network offered a modern-day spin on Sherlock Holmes with Elementary – but what’s your knee-jerk reaction to A Burglar’s Guide To The City? Let us know by sounding off down below!