‘Moon Knight’ concept artist shares costume ideas inspired by a classic anime

A concept artist who originally helped to craft the vision for Marc Spector’s suit on Moon Knight has shared a look at some of his work, and shared its inspirations.

In a pair of posts on Instagram, costume illustrator Raphael Imhotep revealed that he was contacted in 2020 to brainstorm some ideas as to how Moon Knight’s Mr. Knight suit could look, and there are some distinct differences between his concepts and the finished product.

Mr. Knight could have originally included a hoodie with his suit, and the outfit almost included hieroglyphs to bind Knonshu inspired by the sealing techniques in Naruto, as Imhotep explained in the captions.

“I was watching a lot of Naruto at the time and thought to have the hieroglyphs for Khonshu physically binding him to the suit. I tried first with the tie, then later tried turning it into a pin stripe pattern like McGregor’s ‘fuck you’ suit.”

The artist also revealed that the duds were originally crafted to pair with Air Max 97s, Air Force Ones, and other basketball shoes that would pair nicely with the suit.

While these looks could have been great additions to the show, they obviously didn’t make the final cut. In Moon Knight, Mr. Knight has a fairly simple design, with the only custom additions being made to the character’s mask at the request of Kevin Feige.

Ultimately, Meghan Kasperlik replaced original costume designer Julian Day on the Disney Plus series, and with the latter having commissioned Imhotep in the first place, that could be the reason why his impressive