‘Moon Knight’s Mr. Knight revamp was all Kevin Feige’s idea

Moon Knight didn’t so much faithfully adapt Marc Spector’s character and mythology from the comics as throw it all into a blender. All the recognizable elements were there for comic book readers to appreciate, it’s just that they were employed differently. Like Mr. Knight, for example, who was reimagined as not a distinct personality but Steven Grant’s superhero form.

And with this storytelling change came an alteration to his costume. While the white face-mask and snappy suit were lifted straight from the page, the MCU’s Mr. Knight came with the addition of a jagged stitched-up tear running down the center of his face. It’s a nifty update to the look that really makes it pop on screen.

It turns out that we have none other than Marvel president Kevin Feige himself to thank for his innovation. Moon Knight‘s costume designer Meghan Kasperlik was asked by TheDirect.com about the origins of Mr. Knight’s facial rip, and she replied:

That was all [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige. Kevin selected that and it just, I think, made such an impact. It was pretty cool, and everyone seems to love it. But that was all Kevin.”

This is a good example of just how hands-on Feige is as a producer. Not only does he manage Marvel Studios on a macro level, he’s also involved in the minutest of details, like a relatively minor costume change. Fortunately for Marvel’s movie and TV show makers, Feige’s micro-managing doesn’t extend to imposing on their creative freedom, as the people behind Moon Knight have gushed over how they were allowed to make the series stand apart from the wider MCU.

Now we just need Feige to weigh in on whether Moon Knight is getting a second season or not, after that shocking (even if we sorta saw it coming) post-credits scene in the finale. All six episodes are available to stream now on Disney Plus.