‘Moon Knight’ fans are losing it over the expected yet shocking revelation in the season finale

Moon Knight
Image via Marvel Studios

This article contains major spoilers for the Moon Knight season finale throughout

Moon Knight has been teasing the arrival of Marc Spector’s third personality for weeks. In the comics, we have the trio of Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and Jake Lockley, though the Disney Plus show put the focus on Grant and Spector.

But Lockley has been there all along if you know where to look. Hints included mysterious blackouts during which neither Spector nor Grant was in control, an ominous third sarcophagus and repeated shots of Lockley’s familiar yellow taxi cab.

Now we’ve finally met Jake Lockley for real. He arrived during the mid-credits scene, which revealed that while Grant and Spector are no longer serving Khonshu, Lockley is still very much on board with the whole murderous vengeance thing. After waiting so long, fans are going nuts:

Many are also loving that this is a Latino take on the character:

The only fly in this ointment is that, unlike Loki, Moon Knight ended without an announcement of the second season. However, it’d be cruel to introduce Jake Lockley in the very last moments of the show without ever returning to him, so as far as we’re concerned this scene is a strong hint that Moon Knight will return.

If it does come back, expect fireworks. Grant and Spector won’t be happy that they’re technically still working for Khonshu or that Lockley seems way more violent than either of them. Perhaps the next season of Moon Knight might see the very odd situation of the hero and villain occupying the same body?

Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney Plus.