Does ‘Moon Knight’ mid-credits scene confirm that a second season is coming?

Image via Marvel Studios/Disney

This article contains spoilers for the Moon Knight season finale

Moon Knight has just concluded on Disney Plus, and we now have a much better idea of whether Oscar Isaac will be returning to the MCU for a second season.

Marvel Studios’ have so far been very cagey about continuing any of their Disney Plus output. WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye all told self-contained stories that’ll be continued in various movies, so they don’t necessarily need second seasons. The outlier is Loki, which ended its run by announcing that more was on the way.

Major spoilers follow

Sadly Moon Knight‘s credits contain no such message. However, the mid-credits scene finally introduces Spector’s third personality from the comics, taxi driver Jake Lockley. Whereas neither Spector nor Grant was willing to execute Harrow and Ammit, Lockley is clearly willing to act as a cold-blooded assassin for Khonshu as he whips out a gun to calmly shoot the Goddess and her avatar.

The scene confirms that while Spector/Grant aren’t the avatars of Khonshu anymore, Lockley still is. This naturally leaves the door wide open for the story to continue, as they won’t be happy that Khonshu is back on a technicality.

But there being no actual confirmation of a second season is a disappointing development, particularly as Marvel fans have quickly taken Isaac’s Marc Spector/Steven Grant into their hearts. However, we wouldn’t bet against Moon Knight’s return one day. After all, Marvel Studios’ official Twitter edited a tweet to refer to this episode as the ‘season’ finale rather than the ‘series’ finale.

One major hurdle might be Isaac’s availability. He’s one of the most in-demand leading men in Hollywood and has a busy schedule, meaning that Marvel Studios may be hedging their bets until he’s signed on the dotted line for more episodes.

In interviews, he seems to have relished the experience of playing Spector/Knight, with his performance creating Emmy Awards buzz. Perhaps if he walks away with some silverware it’d give him the motivation to come back soon rather than later.

Either way, let’s hope we see more of Moon Knight in the MCU as this story feels far from over.