‘Moon Knight’ fans growing impatient waiting for Jake Lockley

Moon Knight
Image via Disney Plus

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode four.

Moon Knight is now two-thirds of the way through its six-part run, and one major character — or rather personality — has still yet to appear. This Wednesday’s fourth episode of the Marvel series was the wildest one yet, as it may have literally dived into the psyche of muddled mercenary Marc Spector deeper than ever before. But while it delivered plenty of food for fans of Marc and Steven Grant, those waiting for some Jake Lockley content are still starving.

For those unaware, streetwise cabbie Jake Lockley is Marc’s third most prominent alter in the comics, but so far he’s been a no-show in the MCU. However, various clues have pointed to Jake lurking in Marc and Steven’s mind somewhere, with fans getting more and more desperate for Jake to take control with each episode that’s gone by. Thankfully, those hints came to a head in this week’s installment, leading to the demand for Jake reaching a fever pitch.

Spoilers incoming!

You see, by the end of episode four, Marc finds himself in a psychiatric hospital that we can assume is some kind of mental prison. In there, he frees Steven from a sarcophagus but ignores the second, which everyone is convinced must house Jake. But leaving Lockley locked up like this has failed to leave fans satisfied, with “Jake Lockley” trending on Twitter as folks bemoan his absence.


“This is Jake Lockley erasure.”

How are we supposed to sleep?

Episode five, all our hopes rest on you now.

This would probably be the only way the show could make up for keeping Jake out of action for so long.

Jake Lockley had better appear in next week’s episode of Moon Knight otherwise things could turn ugly. But, hey, at least we know we’ve definitely got more of Hippo Lady on the way.