‘Moon Knight’ director says one personality originally had a much bigger part in the show

oscar isaac moon knight performance
Photo by Gabor Kotchy. ©Marvel Studios 2022.

This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight throughout

For weeks, Moon Knight fans were desperate to see Marc Spector’s third personality, Jake Lockley. Throughout almost the entire show, they had to make do with subtle teases — usually blackouts, after which neither Marc nor Steven knew what had happened.

Then, midway through the credits of the season finale, Jake finally made his on-screen debut. The twist is that while Marc and Steven have been released from serving Khonshu, Jake is still gung ho about punishing evildoers. It’s frustrating that our time with Jake was confined to a single brief scene, especially as the original plan seems to have been to feature him much more heavily.

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab has detailed their original plans and why they decided to save Jake for a future story. Speaking with Variety, he confirmed that the writing process was very trial and error and that they considered multiple endings:

“Everything you see in the show is a trial and error, a process that we all went through. There were so many endings — like, not completely different endings, but just, let’s stop here, let’s stop here, let’s stop here. I think maybe the third or fourth draft, everyone knew that this would be the very last scene.”

Diab then revealed the writers had lengthy discussions about whether Jake should arrive earlier in the show:

“How much of Jake we’re seeing is something that we discussed for a longer time. I think we made the best decision. Everyone wants to know more about Jake. But if we would have introduced him in the show without really giving him the time to develop and be a full character like Marc and Steven, it wouldn’t have been fair to him. I think now we opened the door. If there is an expansion one day — which I hope there is, which I don’t know that there is — I could be a part of it and Jake can have his time to shine.”

That tease at the end about an “expansion” is very telling. Right now, nobody (save for perhaps Kevin Feige) knows how or even whether Moon Knight will continue, as the season wrapped with no announcement of a follow-up in the credits.

Even so, the Jake Lockley credits tease feels like Marvel Studios expect this story to continue somewhere down the line, though Oscar Isaac’s busy schedule may mean we have to wait a few years to find out what’s next.

In the meantime, fingers crossed we see the character in other MCU shows and movies. After all, the fully costumed Moon Knight can be a purely CGI character with Isaac providing the voice, giving them a little more flexibility.

Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney Plus.