‘Moon Knight’ director teases the show’s blend of different genres

moon knight

Moon Knight promises to do a lot of daring things, and Marvel’s upping the ante by blending together multiple genres for the upcoming MCU project.

At a Moon Knight press conference, director Mohamed Diab listed the genres implemented in the Disney Plus series.

“And one of the things that I’m really proud of — again collectively every one of us — is putting all those genres together and blending them in a way that doesn’t feel alien. You have horror, you have action, you have comedy, and you have very serious drama. And you never feel like, okay, this is not going well.

It all blends in a very good way. A lot of times, Oscar would tell me what’s funny and what’s not because it’s not my language. But when I hit it once and I tell him this is a joke that I created, I literally danced and said, “I’m funny in a different language!” He remembers that. It happens once every blue moon.”

The series will be one of the MCU’s darker stories, so the horror elements make a lot of sense. In an interview with Variety, Writer Jeremy Slater said that the team was going for Raiders of the Lost Ark and Ghostbusters, which would seem to fall in line with Diab’s statements.

Oscar Isaac, who plays the titular Moon Knight, might just be the suitable comedic decision-maker after seeing his turn as SNL host on March 5. Even if Marvel and Kevin Feige didn’t get it at first, Isaac appears to be a major factor in the building of this world.

What will be interesting to see is how the series will mix horror and comedy. Moon Knight has been described as boundary-pushing when it comes to the levels of violence seen in an MCU project, but many MCU stories rely heavily on comedy to add levity for family-friendly audiences.

The Deadpool movies starring Ryan Reynolds have shown that excessive violence and comedy can work together and be successful, so Moon Knight could make its genre-blending balancing act work.

Moon Knight premieres on Disney Plus on March 30.

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