‘Moon Knight’ officially links itself to ‘Black Panther’ in the latest episode

Moon Knight
Image via Disney Plus

This article contains minor spoilers for Moon Knight episode 5

Moon Knight‘s penultimate episode just aired, taking us deep into Marc Spector/Steven Grant’s past via a trip through the Egyptian afterlife. Here the hearts of the dead are weighed against a feather and only those that balance the scales can enter the field of reeds. Unbalance the scales and you’re consigned to sandy oblivion until the end of the universe.

Our guide to all this was the adorable hippopotamus god Taweret, who quietly confirmed a key piece of information about the MCU’s cosmology — that there are multiple overlapping afterlives, as proven when she mentioned Black Panther‘s Ancestral Plain (rightly described as “just gorgeous”).

Attentive fans will know that this isn’t the first time Moon Knight and Black Panther have crossed paths. In Black Panther, we learn that Wakanda was founded after an intervention from the panther goddess Bast, who led T’Challa’s ancestor to the heart-shaped herb that grants him his powers. In Egyptian mythology, Bast is the sister of Moon Knight‘s Khonshu, with both being the children of Ra.

Taweret reveals that there are many afterlives that open the door for all kinds of mythological trips, some of which we may soon see in Thor: Love and Thunder. This might include trips to the Norse Valhalla and Greek Elysium (which may have been glimpsed in the trailer).

Even if that doesn’t happen, this was a fun connection to the wider MCU and a nice reminder that though Moon Knight is carving out its own groove it’s still very much part of the bigger picture.

Moon Knight‘s finale will air on Disney Plus on May 4.