‘Moon Knight’ outfits shown off at red carpet premiere

Image via Disney/Marvel Studios

Disney Plus is set to launch Moon Knight, the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe series, at the end of this month. Last night, the show held a rep carpet premiere with with cast in attendance, but what stole the spotlight was the reveal of two iconic outfits worn by the titular superhero.

Straight from the set of the show, Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight and Mr. Knight costumes were on display for fans to check out. The two outfits designed by Meghan Kasperlik are very different, but both boast the same pristine white aesthetic.

The Moon Knight outfit was first revealed in the debut trailer, and has been showcased a ton since in the various promotional materials. Mr. Knight has appeared in promotional images so far, as well as some of the newer footage.

Moon Knight is a further deep-dive into the supernatural for Marvel Studios, and marks a big change in geography, after multiple projects set in New York.

Some critics have seen episodes of the series ahead of its premiere, and the general consensus is that Moon Knight is a great change of pace compared to other Marvel TV series, with the offbeat adventure capturing its own unique tone.

Fans don’t have long before they can check out Moon Knight for themselves, with the premiere happening one week today on March 30. Based on everything we’ve seen and heard so far, the MCU’s first project of 2022 is well-placed to live up to the steadily-rising expectations, turning Marc Spector into an instant fan favorite.