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‘Moon Knight’ producer explains why it has longer episodes compared to other MCU shows

Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ will have longer episodes than most MCU shows, and producer Grant Curtis reveals the reason for the extended run time.

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The latest series in the MCU, Moon Knight, will premiere on March 30 and run for six episodes until May 4. The highly anticipated series will feature Oscar Isaac as the titular superhero who receives supernatural abilities from the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. While the series follows the usual six-episode season like the previous shows in the fourth phase of the MCU, Moon Knight will feature much longer run times than most.

The executive producer of the series, Grant Curtis, sat with Collider for an interview about the series and its production. When asked about the longer duration of each episode, with the first four episodes having a runtime of approximately 50 minutes, Curtis explained the reasons behind stretching out the time to incorporate more of the story.

“From what you know about this amazing character that goes back to 1975 in Werewolf By Night and then 1980, for his own series, over the years, over the decades, there’s so many complex storylines that we were able to choose from. So many complex themes to choose from that we really had trouble containing ourselves to 45 minutes, give or take, per episode. Because what the writers and pencilers and artists were able to do over the years was mesmerizing and entertaining, and it presented a very rich, complex character.”

He further explained that the difficult part was not selecting what part of the hero’s story from the Marvel comics will make to the live-action adaption. The “real challenge” was choosing what to remove from the series. “And, the beauty of that is all that stuff still remains, and then some, with this character, that I think the fans are gonna enjoy this ride that we take them on and they’re gonna want to see more,” he added.

With Curtis’ revelation, it is now evident that the show will encompass a lot more than viewers are expecting, something which has already been confirmed by the overwhelmingly positive early reviews for Moon Knight.

The series debuts on Disney Plus this March 30.

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