‘Moon Knight’ reveals first look at Marc Spector’s Mr. Knight persona

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Image via Marvel / Disney

Marvel Studios has just given fans their first look at Mr Knight, one of Marc Spector’s alters, who will appear in Moon Knight.

The new MCU series, premiering on Disney Plus in less than two months, is an ambitious undertaking across the board. For one thing, the Oscar Isaac-led show will continue the push towards experimentation in Marvel’s line-up of films and TV shows after the Infinity Saga. For another, this will be the first MCU project to feature a protagonist who is explicitly mentally ill.

Isaac’s Marc Spector (also known as Steven Grant) has dissociative identity disorder, something which will undoubtedly lead to some really interesting character work. One of these personas, which made its comic book debut back in 2014, is known as Mr. Knight, a suited and socially refined version of the character.

Courtesy of an extensive feature from Empire, we now know what Mr Knight will look like in the upcoming series. See it for yourself below.

One element that has dialled the fandom’s hype up to eleven is the seemingly “unhinged” approach Marvel has taken with this particular project. If the show’s first trailer is anything to go by, in fact, it’s possible that Moon Knight will end up being the MCU’s most violent story to date. Let’s just hope that the series manages to rise up to this prodigious hype when it releases on March.30.

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