‘Moon Knight’ star explains how she reacted to Oscar Isaac switching personalities

moon knight
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Oscar Isaac has gone into detail about how he approached the multiple personalities of Marc Spector in this week’s Disney Plus debutant Moon Knight, but nobody really seems to have wondered how his co-stars coped with the actor switching between personas on a dime.

Based on the myriad of trailers, teasers, TV spots, and promos we’ve seen so far, Isaac has gone all-in on crafting the various aspects of the protagonist, even if some of his influences are a lot more unexpected than others.

It can’t be an easy performance to pull off, but it would have also presented plenty of challenges to his scene partners, too, especially those established as familiar with more than one side of Spector.

Speaking during the Moon Knight press tour, May Calamawy reveals that she judged her reactions on energy and instinct above all else, which in turn sounds to have injected the scenes between the longtime cult favorite and the actress’ Layla El-Faouly with an added degree of realism and naturalism.

“I could feel the energy. I wouldn’t even have to ask who he was. With Marc, I would find myself more guarded [….]. With Steven, I’d feel more nurturing. And there was no intellect or thought process involved in it. It was just visceral, and it was so fun to work with you [Isaac] and experience that.”

We’ve never seen a hero quite like Moon Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before, and Isaac is well-placed to reinforce his reputation as one of his generation’s top talents with yet another powerhouse turn, introducing an unforgettable character into the franchise for good measure.

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