‘Moon Knight’ star revealed spoilers to five-year-old nephew

moon knight
Image via Disney

Marvel’s Moon Knight is now out on Disney Plus, and as fans search for clues from the first episode, star May Calamawy has revealed she told some secrets to her young nephew.

“I think I’m pretty good. I told my five-year-old nephew [some things]. He’s a huge Marvel fan. He asked me some stuff about the show, and I told him. Then he went and told my brother, and my brother was really annoyed at me. I was like, ‘why did I expect so much from a five-year-old? After that I was like, ‘it’s just more fun.’ It’s because I know it’s in service of the other person not to know that it’s easy to keep it.”

The actress, who plays Layla El-Faouly on the show, made the comments during an interview with Screen Rant published today. She did not reveal any to the outlet, but some fans think co-star Ethan Hawke’s villain Arthur Harrow will be revealed to be Dracula, though he has debunked this.

Calamawy says she felt pressure joining the MCU, telling Comicbook.com it was intimidating to be a brand new character in the world.

“I felt so much pressure in the beginning and I was really intimidated, because I genuinely didn’t know what would be the best direction for her, and I wanted to do justice to all the work that’s been done. Every character is so nuanced and rich, and I’m like, ‘how do I bring this? And what is gonna serve the story and Moon Knight?”

Moon Knight will have six episodes and will run until May 4. Read our four-star review.