‘Moon Knight’ star reveals reaction to their character’s big change in the finale

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Photo by Csaba Aknay via Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Moon Knight season finale.

Moon Knight wrapped up (what we’re hoping is) its first season this Wednesday, and naturally it featured a couple of twists in the tale. One of these we were expecting — as fans have been predicting it on social media for weeks — but the other really came out of left-field. Folks have gone crazy for the surprise development, and it turns out it meant a lot to the star whose character it pertains to, as well.

Spoilers incoming!

Episode 6 sees Marc Spector’s wife, Layla El-Faouly, receive a major power upgrade once she agrees to become the hippo goddess Tawaret’s avatar in order to take on Arthur Harrow and Ammit, after it looks like her husband has died. Much like Marc became Moon Knight once he was chosen as Khonshu’s avatar, Layla likewise gets superpowers and becomes her own superhero, officially dubbed the Scarlet Scarab.

As pointed out in a memorable exchange in the episode, this makes Layla the MCU’s first “Egyptian superhero”, something which actress May Calamawy has admitted made her character’s big moment pretty daunting. Speaking to Marvel.com, Calamawy explained that she had to compartmentalize the larger importance of her arc when shooting the finale.

“I had to really sit with it and be like, I cannot represent every Arab woman or every Egyptian woman…I just hope that all Arab women can watch that and feel like a Super Hero, and that they have that space on that big scale.”

In some ways, Layla’s new alter ego also makes her the franchise’s first original superhero, although there is a male Scarlet Scarab, a very minor player, from the comics. Now that Marc and Layla are both avenging avatars, the future is an exciting place for fans of the MCU’s newest power couple. With Jake Lockley’s arrival teasing a second season, hopefully we’ll find out soon what plans Marvel has for Mr. and Mrs. Moon Knight next.

All six episodes of Moon Knight are available to stream now on Disney Plus.