‘Moon Knight’ writer explains how the suit manifests its weaponry

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Moon Knight has a particularly cool fighting style, with his suit granting him superhuman strength and the ability to quickly shrug off fatal wounds. But perhaps the most fun element is his Batarang-like crescent moon projectiles, which he pulls from the center of his chest to throw at evildoers.

However, some especially nitpicky fans have been asking where these crescent moons actually come from. Marc Spector doesn’t seem to have metalworking skills or equipment, and we never see him retrieving them after battle.

Thankfully, when the question came up during a chat with ComicBook.com, Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater was ready with a fitting answer… sort of.

“Yeah, I think it’s all supernatural, just sort of magic, because the entire costume is sort of the manifestation of Khonshu powers. So my thinking is that he probably has a way to replenish those crescents, that he doesn’t have to jog across the battlefield after everyone’s unconscious and collect all of his little blades and toys. But it’s also the sort of thing that you try to just gloss over as a writer because once you have to explain that stuff, that’s when you’re way in the weeds.”

So basically, don’t think about it too much. This also applies to Mr. Knight’s escrima sticks, which he just pulls out from behind his back from apparently nowhere.

With Moon Knight‘s first season receding into the distance, fans are also wondering when we’ll see Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and the surprise third personality Jake Lockley again. Right now, Marvel Studios are staying tight-lipped, though you have to imagine they are bound to follow up on the dangling loose end of Jake and Khonshu’s sneaky loophole someday.

It remains to be seen whether that happens in a second season, in a ‘Midnight Sons’ team-up, or as a guest appearance in another hero’s story (Blade?), though everyone is in agreement that we need more Oscar Isaac in the MCU as soon as humanly possible.

Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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