Mr. Robot Season 2 Debuts First Image, New Episodes Will Be “Very Different” From Season 1


Sam Esmail’s pulse-pounding thriller Mr. Robot proved to be the talk of the town when it quietly debuted in early 2015, going on to win multiple awards at the Golden Globes and a season 2 order to boot.

Production continues apace on the New York set, and Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the first image of the show’s sophomore run, reuniting Rami Malek with an old friend, Christian Slater’s peculiar Mr. Robot. It’s a piece that delves deep beneath the firewalls of E Corp and into spoiler territory. With that in mind, don’t venture past the jump unless you’re fully caught up with all the happenings of the premiere season.


Still with us? During the interview with Entertainment Weekly, Esmail touched base on the moment when season 1 pulled the rug out from beneath us, and how the ramifications will be explored when the hacking drama returns.

“Now that Elliot is aware [of the truth about Mr. Robot], that has opened the door. We’re literally externalizing Elliot’s mentality and his inner conflict, Mr. Robot being the other half of Elliot. In the first season, because Elliot wasn’t aware, there was a mystery about who Mr. Robot was and what his real motivations were. Now we know, so what does that mean? What does Elliot really want?”

Once pitched as a feature film, Mr. Robot is evidently a tale that grew in the telling after it was reworked for the small screen. That’s something that Esmail – creator and executive producer on USA Network’s series – acknowledged, before teasing that “season 2 is very different from season 1.”

Mr. Robot season 2 is expected to hit USA Network late in 2016. Joey Bada$$, Chris Conroy, Grace Gummer and Craig Robinson are among the newcomers.