Here’s How Iman Vellani Could Look As The MCU’s Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

Yesterday brought the news that Marvel has found their Kamala Khan, as newcomer Iman Vellani has been cast in the title role in the upcoming Ms. Marvel TV show. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see who would be bringing one of the most popular comic book creations from the past decade to life in the MCU, and now that the word is out, folks are reacting with excitement on social media.

Vellani’s casting is practically all we know about the series at the moment, but prolific fan artist BossLogic has already got to work with his usual speed and imagined how the 18-year-old actress could look in Kamala’s crime-fighting costume. “Congrats to Iman Vellani, our official Ms. MARVEL Kamala Khan. Crazy to see they picked up someone completely unknown, excited to see,” he wrote in his caption for the post.

The artist put together two different pieces, and the second one has Vellani’s Kamala blowing bubble gum. Check them both out in the gallery below:

Based on a headshot of the star, BossLogic has given Vellani Kamala’s signature hair and the character’s blue domino mask. As for her clothes, we can see that the artist elected to go with a very classic version of her outfit, with the heroine’s red and gold scarf and blue vest on display. We can also just about see Ms. Marvel’s lightning bolt chest symbol. It’ll be interesting to find out if Marvel Studios stick as closely to the comics as BL has when designing Ms. Marvel in live-action.

More so than any other MCU lead before her, Canadian native Iman Vellani is a true unknown up to this point, as Ms. Marvel will be her first screen credit. That’s a heck of a way to start your career, but she’s already got the support of the fandom behind her and everyone’s hoping that the series will deliver on the huge promise of dropping Kamala Khan into the franchise. Fingers crossed.