‘Ms. Marvel’ star and MCU superfan Iman Vellani knows the first 5 minutes of ‘Iron Man’ by heart

Image via Disney Plus

It’s no secret that the newest addition to the MCU is a huge Marvel fan herself. Iman Vellani plays the title role in Ms. Marvel, with the young actress having mentioned on numerous occasions how much of a mega-fan she is, and just how crazy it is that she will now exist in the same universe as her fictional, and real-life, heroes.

So much is her love for the franchise that at the age of 15, she dressed up as Kamala Khan for Halloween, little knowing that only four years later she would really become the character on screen, which is top-tier manifestation.

At the launch event for the series, Vellani cemented herself as a true Marvel fan, after Entertainment Tonight spoke to the actress about her ability to recall the first five minutes of Iron Man word-for-word. Vellani was only five when the movie that launched the MCU was released.

Giving her best effort, she reeled off the first three lines, stating “I’m so nervous right now. I swear I can do this, I can do the first ten minutes, I’m just so overwhelmed with too many emotions right now.”

It’s not surprising that the star is overwhelmed, as this is not just her first Marvel appearance, but her first credit in Hollywood full stop. It would seem that Vellani is a perfect fit for the role of Kamala, a young girl who also goes from a world of make-believe to becoming the real deal when she discovers her powers. Now both have a chance to show the world what they are made of in Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel will be available to stream on Disney Plus, with the first episode landing on June 8.