Narcos Season 2 Trailer And Key Art Ask The Million-Dollar Question


The DEA. Search Bloc. The Cali Cartel. Los Pepes. It’s fair to say that Pablo Escobar doesn’t have to search too far to locate a handful of enemies hungry for revenge. It’s this tension that threatens to boil over once the infamous kingpin escapes the clutches of prison which, as today’s breathless new trailer shows, is an arc that will underpin the upcoming second season of Narcos.

Set for a premiere next Friday, September 2, the show’s second outing welcomes back Wagner Moura as the scenery-chewing Escobar, with the imminent batch of episodes poised to take a deep dive into the kingpin’s warped personality.

That lays the groundwork for a much more focused affair, after Moura revealed recently that Narcos season 2 trades the epic scope of its forebear for intimate drama that zeroes in on Pablo himself.

“I think the first season is more epic. I think Narcos has this balance of the epic and the dramatic. The first season is very epic in terms of we really explain to people how the drug trade works. We have the voiceover, the real footage. We still have the same thing. It’s the same style but the second one, given the fact that it covers only one year of Pablo’s life, it’s very focused on Pablo so it’s more dramatic than epic.”

Set against the late ’80s, there’s also room on the casting docket for Boyd Holbrook as DEA agent Steve Murphy and Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) as DEA agent Javier Peña.

“Your days are numbered, Pablo.” Expect all 10 episodes of Narcos season 2 to premiere on September 2. Below, you’ll find the eerie key art for the Netflix narcotics drama.