‘National Treasure’ TV show adds 5 new cast members

National Treasure
Image via Walt Disney Pictures

It wasn’t that long ago we brought news of Disney Plus’ National Treasure series potentially eying an Academy Award-winning star to play the villain, and while that hasn’t materialized as of yet, the supporting cast has nonetheless been bulked out by five new additions.

The reason we mention this is because the same outlet that reported Catherine Zeta-Jones was wanted for the show revealed character breakdowns back in early in November, which have turned out to be completely and unequivocally accurate now that additional names have been added to the ensemble alongside Lisette Alexis’ Jessica Morales.

national treasure

As per Deadline, Lyndon Smith will play FBI Agent Ross, seeking to rebuild her career at the bureau after a mistake left her reputation in tatters. Zuri Reed will lend support as social media influencer and tech support Tasha, while Jake Austin Walker has boarded National Treasure as Jessica’s best friend Ethan.

Additionally, Antonio Cipriano is conspiracy theorist and class clown Oren, with Jordan Rodrigues rounding out the newcomers as Liam, struggling musician descended from a long line of treasure hunters. Based on the fact the descriptions are almost identical to the information leaked months ago, don’t be surprised if Zeta-Jones ends up being the first major star named for National Treasure.