Watch: Negan And Maggie Have A Tense Reunion In Walking Dead Season 10C Promo

The Walking Dead

Negan and Maggie come face to face for the first time since she returned home in this new promo for The Walking Dead season 10C. Though she interacted with old friends like Gabriel and Aaron in the last episode, which saw Maggie return to help in the battle against the Whisperers, she didn’t encounter her husband’s killer. But we get a taste of how things will go down between these former enemies in this new trailer, which you can see above.

First of all, the promo features Negan looking awkward and uncomfortable as he sees Maggie again, while she storms past him with a furious look on her face. A later clip features Maggie watching over her son, Hershel, while he sleeps. “He asked how his daddy died,” an emotional Maggie is seen to tell someone unknown. “I told him that a bad man killed him.” How long will it be before Hershel discovers who this bad man is, and how long will it take for Maggie to accept Negan has changed?

Interestingly, the trailer intersperses these clips with footage from the season 10C finale, “Here’s Negan,” which reveals the character’s origin story. While Maggie’s coming to terms with the redeemed ex-Savior, we also get a glimpse of what looks like the moment Negan creates his beloved bat Lucille, named after his late wife, and when he finally becomes the villain we know and love to hate for the first time.

Both Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have touched on how things will go down between their characters in these new episodes, with the pair agreeing that there’s going to be a lot of tension. Meanwhile, Morgan has pitched the idea of Negan getting along with Hershel, seeing as he’s previously shown affection for both Carl and Judith. That would be fascinating to see explored, though it’s not clear if his concept will be picked up by the writers.

Don’t miss The Walking Dead episode 10×17 “Home Sweet Home” when it premieres Sunday, February 28th on AMC (or you can catch it a week earlier on AMC+).