Neil Gaiman Pens New Episode Of Doctor Who

Last year, Neil Gaiman gave us “The Doctor’s Wife”, an episode which many fans consider to be one of the best since Doctor Who came back on the air in 2005.

The acclaimed fantasy writer won a Hugo for his work on the show that included, among other things, a living incarnation of the TARDIS (played by Helena Bonham Carter Suranne Jones). While we were all wishing for more Gaiman-style Who, it was far from a sure thing. Until now that is.

Gaiman let slip during his Hugo acceptance speech that he was working on a second episode of Doctor Who, and later confirmed that he was working on the third draft of a script.

He gave more details to

Apparently the new episode is slated for the second half of season seven, which means that it could air as soon as spring 2013. But Gaiman pointed out that “The Doctor’s Wife,” his Hugo-winning episode, was originally slated for season five and got bumped to season six for budgetary reasons. The same thing could easily happen to his new episode, he said — and it sounds like this is another super-expensive story to make.

This announcement comes on the heels of the news that Neil Gaiman will also be working on a Sandman prequel story. When it comes to revisiting previous hits, it seems like Gaiman is more than willing.

Does that mean that we can expect a movie adaptation of Good Omens some time in the future?  Please? Pretty please?