Netflix Cancels Another New Show After Only 1 Season

dad stop embarrassing me

Netflix continue to ruthlessly wield the axe, and it turns out that not even Hollywood A-listers are safe now that Jamie Foxx’s sitcom Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! has been canceled after just one eight-episode season.

The series only premiered back in April, but clearly didn’t resonate with viewers in the way the streaming service was hoping, despite the fact that it marked the Academy Award winner’s first recurring small screen role since The Jamie Foxx Show ended 20 years ago. Loosely based on his real-life relationship with daughter Corinne, the actor co-created and executive produced Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! and also played the lead role, but his brief sojourn into multi-camera comedy is now over.

It never really troubled the platform’s Top 10 most-watched list, and didn’t generate much buzz online, either, so at the end of the day, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! has been axed, especially when you’d imagine that hiring a talent like Foxx and giving him such creative oversight wouldn’t have been cheap.

Jamie Foxx Netflix Dad Stop Embarrassing Me

It’s not going to affect his partnership with Netflix in the long run, though, with sci-fi comedy They Cloned Tyrone opposite John Boyega and Teyonah Parris having wrapped shooting back in March, while the 53 year-old almost immediately jumped into high concept vampire actioner Day Shift, which recently added Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg and Scott Adkins to its eclectic ensemble.

Then there’s the constant chatter surrounding potential Project Power sequels, so Netflix subscribers will be seeing a lot of Jamie Foxx over the coming years, even if Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! has become the latest high profile in-house series to bite the dust after a single run of episodes.