Watch: Hilarious New Trailer For Netflix’s Space Force Debuts

Space Force

Space Force is shaping up to be something special. The upcoming Netflix comedy show reunites The Office creators Greg Daniels and Steve Carell and is based on the newest branch of the United States Military: the titular Space Force. Ever since the real-life announcement was made, the very idea of this has been met with amusement and this new series looks to capitalize on that by showing it as a plucky underdog getting pushed around by the other branches of the military.

We saw a teaser at the start of the month and now, Netflix has released a full trailer, giving us a much better idea of what to expect. At the heart of the show appears to be the relationship between Carell’s four-star General Mark Naird (very disappointed at being given this poisoned chalice of a job) and John Malkovitch’s deadpan scientist Dr. Adrian Mallory. Judging by what we see here, the pair will butt heads before settling into a friendship, with Naird apparently realizing that his new job might not be so bad and getting behind the “Space Force Spirit.”

Other new things in this trailer include a better look at Lisa Kudrow’s Maggie Naird, who seems to be playing the estranged wife of our lead, a look at how Naird’s relationship with his daughter will develop and an idea of the show’s impressive production values.

Space Force

Sadly missing from this trailer is beloved comedy icon Fred Willard, who died earlier this week. He’s set to play Fred Naird, Carell’s character’s father. Willard will appear in every episode of the show in some capacity and Space Force will be his final credited role after a glittering career stretching back to the mid-1960s. Here’s hoping the show gives him ample time to shine.

Right now, all signs point to Space Force being a series to watch out for. So mark your calendars for May 29th, when it lifts off on Netflix.