Netflix Shuts Down Stranger Things Production Due To Coronavirus

Stranger Things

Fans are pretty excited for the next season of Stranger Things and according to Netflix, this upcoming installment will be bigger and bolder than anything we’ve seen to date. Then again, it seems the stakes always get higher with each new season, so perhaps this shouldn’t be too surprising.

In any case, with the show having done all it can to Hawkins, Indiana, this next chapter will see some of the gang leaving their small town behind, while we’ll also presumably cross the ocean to catch up with the Russians and a certain sheriff who we thought was dead. But unfortunately, we may need to wait a bit longer than usual to check back in with all our favorites, as Netflix has now pulled the plug on production.

Currently shooting its fourth season, Stranger Things was moving along at a good pace but due to the Coronavirus, it’s now – like so many other TV series – been halted, with Netflix shutting down production starting March 16th. This will last for at least two weeks and has been done “out of precaution and in compliance with bans on large gatherings, travel and other restrictions by authorities in the U.S. and abroad.”

It’s not only Stranger Things, either, as all scripted TV and films in the US and Canada have been grounded by Netflix, which follows on from numerous other networks, studios, etc., shutting things down. Indeed, everyone is spooked by the virus, and understandably so.

As for how much this will impact the upcoming season, that we don’t know, but it’ll obviously push things back a bit. And as soon as we receive an update on when, exactly, Stranger Things will resume production, we’ll be sure to let you know. Watch this space for more.