Netflix Promises That Stranger Things Season 4 Will Be Bigger And Bolder

Stranger Things

Fans are understandably hyped for the next season of Stranger Things and according to one of Netflix’s executives, this next installment will be bigger and bolder than any of the previous iterations.

The stakes always seem to get higher in every season of the show and viewers wouldn’t have it any other way. After three chapters though, the series has done all it can do in Hawkins, Indiana and so this next adventure will see the gang leaving their beloved small town.

Last season we found out that the U.S. wasn’t the only one experimenting with the Upside Down. The Russians were also looking to cross over and had found many other gateways to other dimensions. Given this new bit of information, it makes sense that the show would get much bigger going into the next season. And now, we have confirmation of this from Netflix’s VP of Physical Production Momita Sengupta, who said the following in an interview with Deadline.

“Season Four is bigger, bolder, and more intricate than ever. So this is the first time the show will be traveling beyond Atlanta.”

Plot details are being kept under wraps for the moment, but from previews and set photos, we can ascertain a few things, like which characters are returning. Also, from the teaser that revealed Hopper still lives, we know that the show will be venturing across the ocean at some point to Russia. Other than that, however, little is known about this bigger and bolder season.

Stranger Things has always done a fantastic job of offering up an innovative story saturated with a ton of nostalgia that fans can’t seem to get enough of and season 4 looks to continue that enjoyable trend by searching for inspiration in Hellraiser 2 and Black Swan, among others. And with everything set to go down, it’s fair to say that we’re probably in for a real treat when Stranger Things returns.