Stranger Things Season 4 Set Photo Confirms The Return Of Fan Favorite Characters


Filming for Stranger Things season 4 is well underway, having entered production a month ago. The season will be released on Netflix later this year and consist of 8 or 9 episodes. High time then for some set photos to whet the appetite, right?

Today we’ve got a new shot courtesy of Instagram page @Atlanta_filming, which, as you would expect, have snapped the Stranger crew on location in Atlanta. As you can see below, the pic confirms the return of Natalie Dyer and Maya Hawke (she’s not seen in the shot, but the Instagram caption confirms she’s there) as popular characters Nancy Wheeler and Robin Buckley. At least, I’m told they’re popular – if they aren’t, I apologise for misleading you. What could there possibly be to dislike about the pair, though? People who’ve watched Stranger Things (I haven’t, shoot me), fill me in on the details.

Maybe instead of finishing the article I’ll go and stick on the first episode. You already have everything you need to know, right? My work here is done. If you’re nice, I’ll make the effort to link you to some more Stranger Things content. Do we have a deal? OK, what do you want to see?

Most eye-catching is the season 4 promo, which includes the impossible-to-miss spoiler that is the return of David Harbour as Jim Hopper. Netflix made no attempt to keep that quiet. Building on that, here’s some fan-reaction to said return of Jim Trott-I mean Hopper. It’s like going on Twitter without actually having to go on Twitter.

And finally, here’s a dig into my personal vault, one of the first pieces I wrote for the site, a ditty about how Harbour expected Stranger Things to fail. I’m getting misty-eyed just thinking about it. What a pleasant trip down memory lane that was.