Watch: Stranger Things Promo Confirms Which Characters Return In Season 4

Stranger Things

The cast and crew of Stranger Things have been relentlessly teasing fans about what’s to come in season 4 and thanks to a new video from the table read, we know who’ll be returning to inflict the traumatic and supernatural incidents in Hawkins, Indiana unto themselves all over again.

The original series by Netflix, after three successful runs, is one of the most popular TV shows in recent memory, owing much of its success and fan participation to suspenseful elements and the 80s nostalgia. In fact, for people who are looking for mystery, thrill, action, romance, and fully fleshed-out characters all crammed into one story, this is the perfect series. There’s a catch, though; given the show’s extremely high production values, fans have to wait for long periods before another season comes along. And while we still don’t have a release date for season 4, we can still feed off the little teasers from the crew members to quench our thirst.

As such, after an official trailer announced that everyone’s favorite police chief was, in fact, alive, fans had been patiently waiting for the next tidbit of information. And now, their prayers have been answered with a new video from the official table read that somehow confirms who’ll be returning in the fourth season:

The main characters, including Eleven, Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are obviously coming back along with Winona Ryder’s Joyce and David Harbour’s Hopper. As for others, the 80s-style footage assures fans that the rest of their favorite characters, like Jonathan, Nancy, Max, even newcomer Robin will make a return as well.

Much like the previous trailers, this new video doesn’t offer much about Stranger Things‘ next story arc, but we’re willing to go out on a limb and suggest that it’ll somehow involve new abominations from the Upside Down.