Netflix Sued By S. Korean Internet Provider Following Surge Of Squid Game Viewers

squid game

Squid Game is proving to be a popular show in the U.S. and abroad, so much so that an internet service provider based in South Korea, which is also the setting of the show, is now suing Netflix to pay for costs related to increased network traffic and maintenance work from a surge of viewers.

According to Reuters, SK Broadband is leveling the lawsuit after a Seoul court said Netflix should “reasonably” give them something in return for the network usage. Multiple South Korean lawmakers have also spoken about the issues, saying content providers should pay for network usage considering the explosion of traffic they generate.

For their part, Netflix said it will review SK Broadband’s claim, seek dialogue and explore avenues to work with the internet provider to ensure viewers are not disrupted.

Netflix is second only to Google when it comes to the country’s highest data traffic generator and they’re reportedly the only ones who don’t pay network usage fees, while other providers like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook are paying the fees.

Netflix previously brought litigation as to whether it had any obligation to pay SK for network usage, arguing the internet provider’s expenses were incurred while fulfilling its contractual obligations to customers and of no responsibility of the streaming giant to fulfill.

However, a Seoul Central District Court later ruled against that argument, siding with SK. Netflix has appealed that ruling and litigation for that will continue later this year.

Squid Game takes place in South Korea in a twisted game show in which contestants compete in a series of children’s games. While the winner of the competition is promised a lump of cash as a prize, those who losing competitors also lose their lives. The show is reportedly on track to become the most popular Netflix show of all time.