Netflix VP In Talks With Squid Game Creators For Giving Bonuses

Netflix’s Squid Game is the survival drama megahit that has garnered the streaming giant its biggest series launch of all time, expected to rake in $900 million, and has reached 142 million households worldwide.

But the biting satire of the capitalist system and class inequality hasn’t generated any kind of monetary bonus for its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, ironically. However, that soon may change.

If you’re not familiar, Squid Game follows the lives of South Korean people on the brink of financial ruin who get recruited by a shadowy organization into a macabre contest. The 456 competitors are told that if they win a series of children’s games on a secluded island, they can win a life-changing $38 million. However, the catch is, if they lose, they die.

We’re now getting the news that Netflix is now considering giving the show’s producers, including Hwang, a bonus after all, from Yonhap News Agency.

According to the report, Netflix’s Vice President of Public Policy Dean Garfield was quoted as saying Wednesday that the company is considering the move, according to what Rep. Kim Teong-shik told reporters.

Garfield reportedly made the remark during a meeting with Rep. Kim while visiting Seoul for meetings with South Korean officials from the information service authorities and parliament.

The comes following the controversy in South Korea over the streamer’s monopoly of the entire intellectual property of Korean-language shows the company invests in, with no added bonus to the local creators.

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