A Hot New Fantasy Show Has Been Dominating Netflix All Weekend


If The Witcher didn’t tick all of the boxes you were looking for in a fantasy show, or Warrior Nun failed to deliver on its potential as a binge-worthy female-driven series then don’t worry, because Netflix‘s latest hit looks to balance the best of both worlds. The streaming service’s Cursed only debuted on Friday, but is already dominating the online conversation as subscribers around the world rushed to check it out from almost the second it became available.

The adaptation of Frank Miller and Thomas Wheeler’s illustrated novel has been generating plenty of buzz, so much so that a second season has reportedly already been ordered. Netflix have gone all-in on the fantasy genre recently, and it looks to have paid off with the aforementioned Witcher and Warrior Nun becoming huge hits, while The Old Guard is already poised to be one of their most-watched original movies ever.

Although Netflix are currently in the midst of an impressive streak when you factor the acclaimed likes of Da 5 Bloods and Extraction into the mix, it remains to be seen if their lineup of original projects will continue to pull in such massive numbers once the world returns to some semblance of normality following the Coronavirus pandemic, given that viewership data is up across the board for almost every platform.


That being said, Cursed is still dominating the most-watched lists, and will no doubt continue to do so for a while yet. The show is currently number one on the TV rankings and number one on the overall list, too, with Fatal Affair following close behind, even despite the fact that it’s getting blasted by critics.

Cursed has already set itself up for further adventures as well, and while there’s only so many stories you can tell in a series designed to be a prequel to the King Arthur legend, based on the early numbers, Netflix will be looking to continue Nimue’s tale for a while yet.