Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Takes Place A Few Years After Resident Evil 4

resident evil infinite darkness

While the major talking point of last night’s showcase was undoubtedly the series’ next mainline video game entry, Capcom did have a few additional morsels of information to share in regards to the wider franchise, most notably Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

For those who missed Netflix’s initial announcement, the name belongs to an animated adventure due to debut on the streaming platform later this year. Zombie-slaying veterans Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield are confirmed to serve as the story’s primary protagonists, though what dreaded threat they’ll be squaring off against still remains a mystery. Truthfully, a vague description of “when biohazards run wild, only a pair of veteran zombie slayers can get the job done,” is all fans have had to go on so far, though we do at least now have a solid idea of where in the timeline this spinoff takes place.

A “few years” after the events of Resident Evil 4 isn’t exactly the most specific of statements, of course, but it does mean that Infinite Darkness features a version of Leon that’s already dealt with the threat of Las Plagas in rural Europe. Whether these events will be alluded to or even expanded upon in the show remains to be seen, though I imagine the writers would prefer to tell their own story rather than revisit one that’s already been told.

As always, we’ll be keeping tabs on the project as it progresses and will let you know as soon as anything else arises. In the meantime, be sure to check out our coverage of Resident Evil Village, including the new gameplay trailer that dropped yesterday evening, by heading through here.