Netflix Teases Stranger Things Season 4 With Mysterious New Photo

Stranger Things

The third season of Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things hasn’t even been out three months, but boy, are things starting to get strange regarding season 4. Star David Harbour has been leaving teasers on his social media accounts, keeping fans on edge, and now the show itself has shared a new photo teasing next season, sending viewers into a frenzy as they speculate on what it could mean.

The Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for the series have all changed their profile pictures to an upside down clock, and the Twitter page for the show even sent out this tweet to further hammer it home:

Ah, time. Specifically, traveling through it. That was a huge part of the 80s, thanks to movies like Back to the Future, Bill & Ted‘s Excellent Adventure and The TerminatorAvengers: Endgame recently made time travel cool again, too, so it would make sense that our Stranger Things gang might be changing some history in the near future.

Naturally, fans are putting out all sorts of speculation as to what it could mean. A Halloween special is one of the most appealing, seeing how we have to wait an entire year between season releases, while one Facebook user goes into some pretty specific time travel talk, saying:

“Time travel. It was hugely referenced in this one more than all the other little references. They made seeing Back to the Future a big part of that episode and then part of the letter at the end he mentioned if he could, turn back time. Then also the promise to make the date with Joyce. He could save Alexei.”

Introducing time travel to the show might be a little much, seeing how the characters constantly have to deal with the Demogorgon in some shape or form. Not to mention that the picture could just be a teaser to get fans talking, which it’s succeeded at tremendously well. Not like we need much to help us do that, mind you, between the recent theory that Will Byers created the Upside Down and his sexual identity issues. There’s also talk that Eleven could be the season 4 villain when Stranger Things returns, and the fact that the clock hands read eleven o’clock may even lend some more credibility to that.