David Harbour Seems To Be Dropping Stranger Things Season 4 Clues

Stranger Things

Few Netflix originals have caught fire quite like Stranger Things.

It’s arguably one of the platform’s bona fide flagships, having emerged from the shadows of year one heavy-hitters (see: House of Cards and Orange is the New Black) to come into its own. Having just finished season 3, Stranger Things has entered another hiatus, leaving viewers to ponder over the fate of Eleven, Hopper and the rest of Hawkins until late 2020.

A fourth season is on the cards, of course, with plans in place to begin shooting next month, but it seems actor David Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper, has taken to Instagram to post a couple of cryptic clues that may or may not be referring to Stranger Things season 4. The first featured an upside-down sunflower (surely a reference to the monstrous dimension lurking within Hawkins), tethered to the following caption:

Looking at an object from behind and inverted can add a new dimension to it. This can work with anything, but most especially those objects you think you know well.

The second photo, meanwhile, featured a rainbow plastered in the sky, while its caption appears to hearken back to the stuffed yellow lion seen in Stranger Things season 1, when Hopper ventured into the Upside Down in an attempt to find Will Byers. The same toy also crops up later in the series and is seen as something of a totem, reminding Hopper of his own daughter Sarah.

Refraction of light through water moisture in the air can produce a rainbow. Inherent in white light are all colors. Objects are endowed with properties of color due to the spectrums of light that they reflect. Absorbing all others. A pale stuffed yellow lion toy will reflect a wavelength interval of around 575nm.

Stranger Things season 4 is teetering on the fringes of production. Providing everything goes according to plan, Netflix subscribers may well be returning to Hawkins by late 2020, at which point we’ll know the true fate of Jim Hopper.