New ‘Attack on Titan’ season 4 part 2 stills tease an epic premiere tonight: when and where to watch

Attack on Titan Thumb
by Keane eacobellis

It’s been more than a year since the first part of Attack on Titan season 4 took the world by storm in 2020 and rose to critical prominence and global acclaim. Now, after an exhausting drought, fans are finally getting episode 76, “Judgment,” tonight.

The last time we saw Eren Yeager and the gang, the nation of Marley launched an all-out assault on Paradis Island, ending the first 16-episode part of the final season on a cliffhanger. Now that we’ve had to wait more than a year for the next batch of episodes, expectations are high and millions of fans are holding their breaths for the rematch between Eren’s Attack Titan and Reiner’s Armor Titan.

But we know why you are here, so let’s cut to the chase. Japanese anime producer MAPPA has previously revealed that the first episode from season 4, part 2 will premiere in the US on Crunchyroll and Funimation at 3:45 pm EST. You can also catch the premiere episode on Adult Swim or Hulu if you’re willing to wait a little longer.

To prepare us for the things that’ll go down in the opener, the producers have also shared a couple of stills from “Judgment” which you can see below.

The preview images certainly tease an epic showdown between Eren and Reiner, while others feature Zeke and Hange Zoë in the outskirts of Shiganshina. Where the story will go every Sunday from here on out is anyone’s guess, though I think it’s a safe bet that we’re in for a hell of an ending with these last Attack on Titan episodes.