New Doctor Who Photos Will Prepare You For The New Year’s Special


Doctor Who returns next week for the annual hour-long festive special on New Year’s Day. Titled “Resolution,” plot details remain hard to come by at the moment, as apart from the fact that it’ll be set on the day it airs, all we really know is that the episode will see the Doctor and her companions back home to ring in 2019 in good old Sheffield.

That’s not too much to go on, and these new photos shared by the BBC certainly aren’t helping. Seen in the gallery below, a couple of pics from “Resolution” have surfaced online but without any captions or context given, it’s hard to say what we’re looking at here and how everything may fit together.

Perhaps most notable though is that a few of the main characters are missing, with both Graham and Ryan absent from this batch of pictures. Whether that means anything or not is hard to say, but you can dive in below and decide for yourself.

Of course, the other thing you might notice is missing here are the Daleks. The most recent teaser trailer for “Resolution” all but confirmed that the classic monsters will be back to face Whittaker’s Time Lord, after being absent for the past ten episodes. How they’ll factor into things remains to be seen, but we’re just happy to know that we’ll be reacquainted with them before Who leaves the air.

With any luck, the New Year’s special will be a worthy finale to Jodie Whittaker’s first outing in the lead role. It was a bit of a mixed season, with many ups and downs, so let’s hope that if nothing else, “Resolution” can at least make up for the underwhelming climax to Doctor Who season 11 that was “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos.”