New Elseworlds Promo Reveals First Look At Arkham Asylum In The Arrowverse


The first three promos for next month’s big Arrowverse crossover, “Elseworlds,” focused on The CW’s trinity, with each one teasing the new status quo that Oliver Queen, Barry Allen and Kara Danvers will find themselves in once reality’s altered. At last, though, the fourth and latest trailer for the event gives us our first look at Ruby Rose’s Batwoman in action.

There’s lots of awesome Batman-esque iconography on show in just 30 seconds here, as we see Rose’s nocturnal heroine surveying Gotham City from a rooftop, the uncovering of the Bat-signal and Batwoman making – as Deadpool would put it – a “superhero landing” as she drops out of the sky. For now, though, let’s focus on the shot which sees a bunch of lunatic criminals breaking out of Arkham Asylum.

For a fearsome facility that’s supposed to lock its inmates in a hole and leave them there, Arkham Asylum has always been plagued by a revolving door system of break-outs and that looks to be no different in the Arrowverse’s version. What’s more, the escapee at the head of the pack appears to be very familiar, with his green hair, purple overalls and kooky laugh.

Arkham is expected to play a significant role in the crossover, too, as the main villain will be Jeremy Davies’ Dr. John Deegan, an evil psychiatrist who works there – because in this place, even the doctors are crazy. Fans think he might be an iteration of Doctor Destiny, a comics supervillain who can change reality with a powerful artifact called the Dreamstone. If that’s correct, it must be him who’s behind Green Arrow and the Flash’s identity-swap.

Elseworlds” encompasses Arrow, The Flash and SupergirlLegends of Tomorrow is sitting this one out this year – and kicks off on Sunday, December 9th.