New Featurette For The Flash Offers A First Look At Killer Frost And Vibe’s Costumes


There’s no new episode of The Flash on The CW tonight, and to make up for it (kind of), the network has released a featurette which puts the spotlight on the show’s many costumes. While characters like the Fastest Man Alive, Kid-Flash and The Rival receive much of the spotlight, be sure to stay tuned to the end as the video includes some surprising reveals.

Among them are a first look at the suits which will be worn by both Killer Frost and Vibe. We’ve obviously already seen versions of them from Earth-2, but these are a lot closer to what the characters wear in the comic books. Vibe in particular looks like he’ll be rocking a costume which has been torn straight out of the pages of the source material.


It’s Killer Frost who’s really interesting though, especially, as we don’t know whether or not Caitlin will be a hero or villain in The Flash. To have the character break bad would actually be a shame given her history, but it’s worth noting that Killer Frost is about to join the Justice League in the comics, so the show could have her remain a hero?

Time will tell, but the featurette above provides a fascinating behind the scenes look at The Flash and an exciting hint about what’s to come for two beloved characters. If you count yourself a fan of the show, definitely give it a watch!