New ‘Hawkeye’ image reveals Clint and Kate’s deleted scene

Hawkeye Poster
Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

One of the many things fans loved about recently-concluded Marvel Cinematic Universe series Hawkeye was the bevvy of unique trick arrows that served Clint Barton and Kate Bishop so well throughout their six-episode adventure.

Partially inspired by their comic book counterparts, with additional creative flourishes added by the writers and showrunners, almost every sort of arrow you could imagine was either used, seen, mentioned, referenced or joked about. You know audiences have reacted well to something when it serves as the basis of Marvel’s official holiday card, which showed Clint and Lucky the Pizza Dog in a workshop crafting the shiny toys.

A brand new image from the Hawkeye finale has been revealed, one that shows Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld’s fan favorites doing a little shopping for their climactic showdown against all of their enemies, which you can see below.

Does this mean we were robbed of a glorious 1980s-style tooling up montage? Let’s hope not, because that would have been awesome, even if the arrow-crafting sequences we did get were still plenty fun. Hawkeye hasn’t yet been confirmed as a one-and-done effort or a recurring fixture of the Disney Plus lineup, but that’s a question we’d like answered as soon as possible.