New Hawkeye Photo Teases An Intense Superhero Standoff


If there’s one thing Jeremy Renner has mastered during his tenure as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Clint Barton, it’s staring stoically into the middle distance. A requisite for any star to dip their toes into the action genre, the key is to look heroic without veering into Derek Zoolander’s Blue Steel, Le Tigre or Magnum.

As you’d imagine, the actor has got it down pat, with upcoming Disney Plus series Hawkeye marking his sixth live-action outing in the MCU, and eighth overall if you include his voice cameo in Black Widow and appearance in Marvel’s What If…?. As you can see in the new image below released by Entertainment Weekly, though, franchise newcomer Hailee Steinfeld hasn’t quite matched her onscreen mentor’s aptitude for the steely gaze.

After the first trailer dropped earlier this week, Hawkeye shot up the most-anticipated lists of MCU fans everywhere. No offense intended to Renner or Clint, but you wouldn’t find a lot of people saying that the expert archer was their favorite Avenger. Of course, the exact same thing could have been said about Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch before WandaVision, and we all know how that turned out.

Rogers: The Musical may have stolen most of the headlines following the first promo, but Hawkeye looks to be an action-packed adventure with a holiday twist, something we haven’t seen from the MCU since Iron Man 3 eight years ago. Renner has two Academy Award nominations under his belt for a reason, so we can at least guarantee that he’ll make the most of finally ascending to leading man status.